Corporate Photography
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corporate photography corporate photography corporate photography
What does a Corporate Photographer (Industrial and Commercial) do?

Industrial photography requires an understanding and engagement with manufacturing processes, manufacturing sites and manufacturing people.

Corporate Photographers are commissioned to shoot photographs for company advertising, promotion and documentation purposes. The subject matter varies from industrial premises and equipment, through products and processes, to corporate events and corporate portraits, head shots or profile shoots . Some Corporate Photographers specialise in one area, such as Panoramic Photography. Most work across them all and need to be strong in a number of different areas of photography, including panoramic, Industrial, portraiture such as corporate head shots or Management Profiles and editorial photography. They also need to understand their client's business in order to communicate their corporate values and the underlying marketing messages the client wishes to convey.

The work of the Corporate Photographer encompasses a wide range of disciplines and subject matter. It is the Corporate Photographer's job to shoot images that present the client's products, services or facilities in the best possible light. Corporate Photographers are sometimes given a strict creative brief, but in other instances can be given the freedom to suggest and capture images that present the positive values of the brand.

Much of this photography is carried out at the client's premises or at locations where the client's products are in use. Studio facilities may be required, though Corporate Photographers often rent studios to keep their costs down. Industrial Photography

Corporate and Industrial photography show the human side of your company or your group, besides the formal business portrait and corporate headshots. Modern industry may also create some environmental shoots with their executives working in the field, and these kinds of images now become the main communication tools among the investors.

Annual Report Photography

The annual report is the most important formal communication that public companies have with their shareholders. Photography is critical. Photos should stop the investor dead in his tracks and invite him to read the captions because they are one of the most read items in a report. Hence it becomes imperative to provide better visuals to illustrate the progress of the company. Photographer can provide Management portraits or profile\head shots in offices, Factory or Industrial Photography with the touch of reportage photography and photojournalism for numerous multinational corporations (MNC).

We have delivered images for their Annual Reports, PR, Marketing Materials, Brochures, Company Publications, Websites, Social Media, Magazine Publishing and Corporate Presentations. Assignments that we are commissioned are direct assign by their Design Company or corporate communication department. All communication is done remotely over the internet, Thanks to the internet technology that makes everyone so close, and work almost no distance in between.

Corporate Portrait | Corporate Headshot

If you are looking for corporate photographer in India - look no further. Let us create the iconic images for your organization. We have transformed the static style of business photography with an unique photojournalist approach. You do not need to be in our studio for the business portrait, all images you have seen in our portfolio have been photographed with our portable lighting setup. Most of the time we are traveling and doing assignments for corporate photography in India, we are always ready to travel for your corporate photography assignment.

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